Our studio isn't just a physical space; it's an unfolding journey. Upon entering, guests encounter captivating curves that guide them, much like how life’s journey unfolds. Gradually, they immerse themselves in a space that holds not just jewelry but stories. Each jewelry piece is meticulously placed, encouraging visitors to explore the intricacies and narratives. The inspiration for the design comes from our desire to envelop visitors in an experience where they journey through our jewelry's essence.


Founded by Urvi Patel, a visionary with a family heritage of over 30 years as top diamond producers in India, Zaura brings her profound industry knowledge and remarkable eye for beauty to life. Her creations empower women to express themselves like never before, redefining the way they adorn themselves with timeless grace.

Our vision at Zaura is to provide affordable luxury through unique, reflective jewelry that celebrates the individuality of each person. Our pieces radiate positivity, blithe, and shine, blending nature's finest diamonds with artisan craftsmanship and contemporary techniques.